April 13, 2014

Selfish and unselfish sewing

Hello there! It's been kind of quiet here over at my blog, but I've been sewing. Here are some FOs from this week:

  • A striped Giraffe dress for me:

  • A striped Giraffe dress for my sister Charlotta (on the left):
  • A Washi dress for me (on the right):

Look at that shirring in the back! So pleased with the result.

My first time shirring ever!!! It was way easier than I thought, so I will do this lots more now.

That's all for now! See you later,


March 12, 2014

Floral beanie

A new beanie for me!
It's very practical to sew my own hats since that's what I wear everyday. This one's been on my mind for a while but I couldn't make until today since I had misplaced the pattern and didn't find it until this morning! (Messy me...)

I did not make the crocheted flowers because I don't know how to. I bought them a while back from Panduro for another project.

I wore the new beanie to work and got several compliments! And it's such quick and easy project to make.

Bye for now,


March 09, 2014

Stripey skirt

Decided to make a remake of one of my fave skirts and I'm happy to say that I'm happy with the result!

I measured the original skirt and made a pattern. The skirt is the same in the front and the back except for the waistband. 

I had half a metre of striped navy and white jersey from another project and used that to try out the pattern I drew. I also had some (suspicious) navy double knit which I used for the pockets, waistband and to finish the pockets and the hem.

I made a casing in the waistband and put in some blue and white ribbon.

Hope you had a nice weekend! I did! :)



March 01, 2014

Another Everyday skirt and my first beanie

I finally got around to making another Everyday skirt, according to my latest sewing list. It's made of chambray fabric which I ordered from Stoff och stil (along with some more fabric, of course). I'm very happy with the fabric and recommend it to anyone who's thought about buying it.

I also drafted a pattern for a beanie from one of my old store bought ones. It turned out a little big, but I fixed that and now it's fine!

Bye for now,


February 02, 2014

Unselfish sewing part 6: Everyday skirt for my sister

This is the skirt I made as a Christmas present for one of my sisters. She wore it the last time we met and I managed to remember to snap a couple of photos...

It's made out of navy blue medium weight cotton fabric, might be cotton sateen. It's a little wrinkled in the photos but you get the idea anyway.

My sister seemed pleased with it (I mean, SHE WORE IT!!! Yay!) and it suits her. Navy blue looks good on her. The length also turned out good, always tricky to hem a skirt for someone who's not present...

More Everyday skirts to come since I finished one more for me and I also have another one cut out ready for sewing!

Bye for now,


January 23, 2014

Swedish sewing bee - me? We'll see!

Tomorrow I'm off to Stockholm for an interview for the Swedish version of Great British sewing bee. Let's see what happens!!! *excited*



January 13, 2014

Another giraffe dress... what can I say?! I love them!

So far, I've made a few (many) Giraffe dresses. What can I say... I just love them...

I have one that is grey with yellow and white flowers that I haven't blogged yet. Last week I made one in light grey with white dots. And this weekend I made one in medium grey for one of my sisters (the one in the collage above). That makes a total of eight dresses...

Or maybe nine, since I finished another today...

As you can see, it's black. But since I don't like dressing all in black I had to put some colour on it, so I added bands on the sleeves and around the neck. The bands are also black with neon green polka dots.

I have tweaked the pattern a little; the dress is alittle tighter over the bust, less gathers under the bust and the sleeves are a tiny bit longer (still kimono-version). I have also drafted a neckline facing, so now I can choose to finish the neckline with a facing, a band or just fold over and stitch.

Yes, I also made the boy in the photo... :)

Ok, enough of giraffe dresses for now.