January 13, 2014

Another giraffe dress... what can I say?! I love them!

So far, I've made a few (many) Giraffe dresses. What can I say... I just love them...

I have one that is grey with yellow and white flowers that I haven't blogged yet. Last week I made one in light grey with white dots. And this weekend I made one in medium grey for one of my sisters (the one in the collage above). That makes a total of eight dresses...

Or maybe nine, since I finished another today...

As you can see, it's black. But since I don't like dressing all in black I had to put some colour on it, so I added bands on the sleeves and around the neck. The bands are also black with neon green polka dots.

I have tweaked the pattern a little; the dress is alittle tighter over the bust, less gathers under the bust and the sleeves are a tiny bit longer (still kimono-version). I have also drafted a neckline facing, so now I can choose to finish the neckline with a facing, a band or just fold over and stitch.

Yes, I also made the boy in the photo... :)

Ok, enough of giraffe dresses for now.




  1. I love your 'giraffe' dress collection!

  2. 'I also made the boy in the photo' LOL! I love that! Great dresses!