September 28, 2013


PTB (projects to be), on-going projects, what's on my sewing table... Whatever you like to call it, here are some sneak peeks of what I'm working on at the moment...

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September 17, 2013

Another denim Ginger skirt

I really like my denim Ginger that I made last year, it's just that it's kind of big...

So I decided to make another one a size smaller, size 14 this time. I also added pockets and I made them like on these shorts:

The pocket edge is interfaced and then the pocket piece is attached by a visible seam. I read Sunni's post about her denim Ginger skirt, to figure things out about the pockets. Very helpful.

Aside from the pockets, nothing was really hard about putting the skirt together, which goes to prove that I have learned a lot since the last time I made this pattern.

This time I used an invisible zipper, which isn't very invisible since it's green and my machine doesn't sew invisble zippers that invisibly. But I'm fine with it, what's not to love about green?! :)

I also shortened this version since the other one feels a little matronly, and we all know (well, at least if you have watched Project Runway) that that isn't a good thing.

I had some top-stitching thread that I was going to use for a pair of jeans, but the fabric for those jeans is now said skirt and these trousers, so I felt it was OK to use it on my Ginger. :) Though I should have used another twin needle since my jersey (!!!) one had a hard time. But, that's how it is when you're too lazy to go to the store and get another one. At least it didn't break! :)

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September 10, 2013

Ideas for autumn/winter sewing

Autumn is closing in, even though the weather isn't making me feel it. We still have warm and sunny weather though the mornings are a bit on the chilly side. One thing to make me feel the autumn coming is all the catalogues with autumn clothing, like H&M or the fabric store Stoff och stil ("Tissue and style").

I got inspired by both of those catalogues and I even ordered some sewing patterns from Stoff och stil:

Source, all images above:

Other inspiration for my autumn/winter sewing plans comes from the latest issues of Burdastyle magazine, no. 8/2013 and 9/2013.

Source, all images above:
I do want to use fabric from my stash as much as possible, because I can't afford to buy a lot of new fabric and I have to learn to use what I have and also decrease my stash (I'm starting to have difficulties in where to put new fabric, I don't want to be one of those sewists who has boxes or bags of fabric everywhere).

I have loads of dark blue/navy blue jersey fabric of different qualities (fine jersey, double knit etc.) and that should be something I could use for autumn/winter sewing. But something I would like more of is viscose (rayon?) fabric, I like the drape of viscose for blouses and dresses.

I would also like to be able to make those nice moodboards I see on other people's blogs, like Clotilde. Does anyone have a tip or advice for me on how to do that?

Do you have sewing plans or do you make sewing plans at all? Or are you more of the spontaneous kind?

Hopefully back soon with some FOs,