August 01, 2013

Unselfish sewing part 5 - Striped giraffe dress for one of my sister

I did some unselfish sewing the other day, Sunday actually. I had already cut out a giraffe dress from the same fabric as my striped maxi dress, but when my sister really liked my giraffe dress and the fit was good, I decided to sew it up for her instead. It was a very nice coincidence that she haad thought of buying some striped fabric so that I could make her a dress, and then I already had a dress cut out! :)

It was fast and easy to sew up the dress and I used only my sewing machine, and not the overlocker, so I can show her that she also can sew with knits/jersey fabrics using her loaner sewing machine (one of mine, a fairly useless plastic Singer).

I also cut out a rather big heart out of a scrap of fushia jersey and put it near the hem with my label inside it. It turned out pretty well and my sister really liked it!

I only have one photo to post, but here it is (I think she's wearing two(?) tank tops underneath):

BTW, my sister had surgery, a gastric bypass, in September ans since she has lost like 35 kilos!!!!! She now weighs less than me, which hasn't happened since we were toddlers! I'm so glad that she feels better and that she's in less danger of different health issues. I love you Lottis!!!

On a totally not different note, my other sister and her family is coming to visit us tomorrow and will be staying for a few days. Let's see what she would like me to make for her (I have to be fair!). I love you too Emmis!

I'll be back soon with a new version of Simplicity 1699.

Bye for now,



  1. Aww, so nice of you to make your sister such a lovely dress! She looks lovely in it. xx

  2. Gorgeous dress! You and your sis look alot alike! Happy sewing...see ya soon!

  3. Gorgeous dress!! It looks my perfect kind of style- sweet, easy to wear, striped and in jersey!! Kind of you to make it for your sister and she looks fab!