November 01, 2013

Sweatpants in disguise

As I wrote in an earlier post I purchased some patterns from Stoff och stil. Among those was a pattern for skinny trousers.

I had some black sweatshirt fabric that I found at a sale this summer and I thought why not use it for a pair of trousers?! So I did. I could even cut out a dress from the same piece of fabric (1.6*2 metres!).

I am very inspired by the clothes from House of Lola and they're all so soft and comfortable and that's where I got the idea to use sweatshirt fabric for the trousers, because all their clothes are loungewear in disguise! I love when clothes are fashionable and beautiful but also comfortable.

It was so easy to sew up the trousers. I mostly used my overlocker and the sewing machine for the topstitching. I didn't cut the waistband out of the sweatshirt fabric, because it would have been too bulky, so instead I cut it from some ribbed jersey fabric. Speaking of the waistband, that's where I have my only problem with these trousers. I don't have a big rear, but somehow I always find trousers that are too low in the back waist, same with these. They fit OK as long as I don't move, but as soon as I do, they creep downwards in the back and I keep having to hoist them up. Quite annoying! Maube I'll make a yoke piece to put between the trouser and the waistband in the back. Any thoughts out there?

See? Lower in the back then the front. Very uncomfortable...

Detail of the topstitiching on the leg.
Anyway, the trousers will be warm and cosy for autumn and winter and they will go as trousers with sweaters and as leggings under dresses. Win-win, right?!

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  1. They look comfortable and I like how you use sweatshirt fabrics for everyday clothing. I have never tried a SoS pattern, I don't like that you buy one size only.