October 23, 2012

Magazine inspiration - Ottobre

I've been looking like crazy for the latest issue of Swedish sewing magazine Sömnadsmagasinet. I've been to eight (!) places where they should sell it, and they don't have it. I was supposed to get to the stores last Tuseday and I've been looking for it since last Monday without results. Is it sold out? Didn't it reach the stores at all? What has happened? I'm totally lost...

Well, I didn't want to go home empty-handed, so I decided to give the magazine Ottobre Design a shot. And I liked it A LOT! Right now I'm taking a break from tracing patterns to write this post, because I've already decided to make four (!) of their designs. I've traced three and have one more to do. But it is possible I will make even more of the design, because they look really great and comfortable.

Here are all the designs from the lastest issue:

Source: ottobredesign.com

Here are pictures of the ones I'm tracing now:

No 1 Stitch details dress
Source: ottobredesign.com

No 6 Casual cardi
Source: ottobredesign.com

No 12 Aztec skirt
Source: ottobredesign.com

No  16 Concerto dress
Source: ottobredesign.com

I also like this design a lot:

No 18 Perfect autumn jacket
Source: ottobredesign.com

Don't they look great?! I thought I'd use fabric from my stash for the dresses and the skirt. But I will buy some black sweatshirt fabric for the cardi. I've already seen some at one of my local fabric stores.

So, I was totally inspired by this magazine and I will definately get the next issue in March.... (Yep, it only comes twice a year...) I hope that someone else will find inspiration in this great magazine too.

Bye for now,


PS I've actually finished a pair of trousers, the navy blue ones, but I'm working on getting some pictures of them. So I will be back with a Finished Object post soon!

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  1. Ooh I really like those designs alot! I've never looked at using magazines for pattern designs before. I'm heading to our local fabric store today (gotta get Halloween costume stuff) and I will see what they have in store!