October 28, 2012

Ottobre projects in progress

This afternoon I took the time to cut out three of my Ottobre projects: the Concerto dress, the cardigan and the skirt. The cardigan will be in black sweatshirt fabric. The skirt will be made of some stretchy pinstriped dark blue denim, quite lightweight actually for a denim.

For the Concerto dress I took some terrible polyester stretch fabric. It's patterned in blue and white with tulips. I got it very cheap at one of the local charity shops. It's sort of cute, but the quality of the fabric is awful. Well, I consider it a muslin, and if it's wearable that's OK, but not a must. Ihave sewn most of it, I only have to adjust the hem and finish the armscyes. I'll take some pictures and show you. The dress is pretty, but, as mentioned, the fabric is horrible.

Bye for now,


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  1. Im very excited to see them all, including those pants you made!