November 01, 2012

Trousers from Burda magazine

A while ago I decided to make trousers. I thought I'd start with something easy, straightforward, since I haven't sewn trousers in 20-25 years (god, I'm getting old...). My choice was a pattern from the Burda magazine 10/2012 no. 139. They're wide and high-waisted, which I've realised that I like a lot.

Source: burda style

There's also some elastic at the waist in the back, which is good, because I don't like it when trousers sit too tight at the waist.

Anyway, here are my trousers...

They don't look like much, but they are very comfortable and it's great to get to decide on the length of the trousers yourself. I have very long legs, so it can be difficult to finds trousers that are long enough, especially since I hate trousers that are too short.

Did I make any alterations? Yes, one. I wasn't too fond of those pleats in the front, so I sewed them down.

Maybe it doesn't show in the photo, but those are the sewed down pleats.

They were pretty easy to put together, but I felt a bit intimidated by the zipper, But then I remembered a totally awesome tutorial on Coletterie. I followed the tutorial and that made putting in the zipper a total breeze.

Now I feel ready to sew more trousers and I have some great black fabric lined up.



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  1. Awesome job on the pants! I took notes from you and will be working on some pants soon myself!