November 01, 2012

Ottobre projects - one finished

I've been working on my Ottobre projects, I told you about the Concerto dress the other day, but I've also been working on the cardigan.

First the dress,  I promised pictures of the pretty dress made of horrible fabric. As I said before, the print isn't bad, but the quality of the fabric is awful.

Look at the collar, isn't it cute?! It makes the whole dress. There were some double darts in the front and back of the dress, but I omitted them, because I don't want the dress to be too tight.

I'm thinking of putting in some lining in the dress, to make the dress wearable, because the fabric is quite itchy.

Enough about the dress, because here's something I'm REALLY happy with, my cardigan!!!

It is supercomfy and I feel good in it. It feels like I look good while wearing it. I like that it's long. It was really easy to put together and I used two new techniques on my sewing machine for this. One, I sewed on the buttons  with the sewing machine, jeeze how fast and easy that was. But I almost ruined one of the buttons before I realised that I had forgot to lower the feed dogs. Two, I discovered my sewing machines has some cover stitches and I used one of them to finish most of the edges, like the hem, in the front and round the hood. It looks SOOOOOO professional.

I totally recommend this pattern, it was easy and fast to sew up, especially if you have an overlocker.

Got to go now, bye!



  1. I love the dress! It is super cute for sure! Everybody could use a little cardi right? They are one of my wardrobe essentials this time of year!

    1. I love my cardi! I've been using it a lot, both because of the weather (horrendous) and because it's so comfy! Hope you're doing well!

  2. I love the dress, that neckline looks really good on you, but the cardigan, oh wow, it is soo cosey looking,what pattern is cardigan? xx

    1. The pattern for the cardigan is from the fabulous sewing magazine Ottobre design. Have a look at this post to see pics and link for the Ottobre site: