November 14, 2012


A friend at work has recently started selling these wonderful clothes from House of Lola. I like the style and clothes A LOT, but they are quite expensive so I haven't bought any. These are my favourites so far:

These clothes have been on my mind for a while and yesterday when I picked up the new Burda magazine I found these trousers:

Lucky coincidence?! Don't they look very similar to the House of Lola trousers? Mhm, that's what I thought, so why not make those gorgeous trousers myself?!

I have already bought the fabric needed: black cotton jersey and knit ribbing, and I have traced the pattern. We'll see if I have time to do more before the weekend, we're going away to visit one of my sisters and that takes some preparation, packing and stuff. So I'd better aim to finish and show them next week.

BTW, if you live in Sweden and want the Sewaholic patterns, but have hesitated to get them from overseas, they are now available from Good, huh?!

I'm very much into trousers at the moment, and have found these from Onion, which I'm interested to make in a comfy stretchy fabric:

I'm not a big fan of pleats in the front of the trousers, but I like that the waistband is a little wider (deeper, longer, higher?) and so the pleats are set a little lower. I'm thinking of buying the pattern and use the stretchy black fabric I bought a while ago to use for skinny trousers. What do you think, is this a style you like?

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PS Taking it little slow with the blog because I'm dead tired most evenings and don't have energy for sewing and therefore don't have much to blog about. Bear with me and I will hopefully get back to normal soon enough.

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