November 25, 2012


Lasst week I wrote about making up these jersey trousers from I was very inspired by a pair of trousers I've seen on the House of Lola site. I thought they wouldn't take long to finish and they didn't!

I cut the fabric yesterday late afternoon and was finished by 7.30pm. I made some changes to the pattern. Since most Burdastyle patterns go up to size EU44 I doubted that the trousers would fit since I'm more of a size EU46. So I compared the pattern pieces tto another pattern I had to see what I should change. I decided to add 4 cm to the sides both on back and front pieces. I also made the leg cuffs a little longer, originally the were 19 cm but I made them 25 cm (I have pretty long legs and HATE too short trousers). I also made the waistband a little wider, 10 cm instead of 7 cm (do not feel comfortable in too lowcut trousers).

I'm happy with the trousers, they're very comfy! But I think I wouldn't have had to add those 4x4 cm, because they are bigger than I had expected, and that's even after taking them in  4-5 cm in the front and back. well, it's a lesson learned if I make them again. I was lazy though and didn't pre-wash the fabric, so maybe they will shrink a little when I wash them.

Here are the trousers combined with my Casual cardi from Ottobre. I feel that I look good even though I'm only lounging about at home in my loungewear... :)

Anyway, I totally recommend the pattern from making some stylish sweat pants.

BTW, we had a really lousy weekend last weekend (away from home and Little Red got really ill, had to visit the emergency room, she could hardly breathe because of a bad case of tonsillitis caused by streptococci, which she later transferred to me, hello tonsillitis!) but before everything tirned ugly I had time to visit a fabric store close to my sister's house. I found some great fabric for only £3/metre. I bought six different fabrics, a total of 14 metres! And some really cheap zippers too. Yay! (Little Red is way better now, and me too, after getting some lovely penicillin. That stuff rocks! BUT you mustn't overuse it so the bacteria become immune.)

Bye for now,