December 02, 2012


I've finally done some actual sewing  today. I write this because it seems I haven't sewn much lately. But I did get some new fabric and patterns.

But first, sewing... Today I completed a muslin for the Ottobre dress I've written about before, it's "the Stitch details dress".

source: ottobre design
I haven't taken any photos yet of my dress, but hold on, they'll get here... It's a wearable muslin, but I'm not extatic about it. I'm thinking of making it up in some jersey fabric next.

A while ago I actually made a muslin for the skirt I've mentioned from Ottobre, but I never got round to blogging about it. It's "the Aztec skirt", but as with the dress, I'm not totally happy with it.

source: as above

Ok, now to my new fabric. I got six different fabrics two weeks ago when visiting my sister. One lovely smooth wool fabric, which I pretty much ruined while pre-washing, not so smooth anymore as felted.... Two dark trouser fabrics, three different kinds of dark blue jersey fabric (I know... but there weren't any other colours and blue suits me...). I also celebrated my pay raise by buying even more jersey fabrics, three different kinds, each more than 3 metres.

I have also ordered two new patterns, from Onion this time.

I hope the patternsland in my mailbox tomorrow! I have already fabrics lined up for both of them! Yay!

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