December 24, 2012

Merry X-mas!

Hope everyone's having a great Christmas. I'm kind of glad that Chistmas Eve is almost over, it's just so busy. Christmas Day and Boxing day are more mellow and enjoyable.

Anyway... Two days ago I decided to make a new dress for Christmas. I bought some grey velour fabric at one of the local fabric stores and used the Onion jersey dress pattern no. 2017 again. This time without a separate waist piece.

It's very cosy and perfect on a day like today when you eat most of the time... My only problem was that about an hour after putting on the dress I sprayed myself with milk/flour when making the shrimp omelette that has become part of our Christmas smorgasbord. I got it all over the sleeves and the top, I thought I managed to get it off, but no.... The dress is now full of stiff stains... Yuck! Hope they don't show in the photos.... (S**t... They do... Well, now it's done...)

The black thing is not a stain, but a wonky butterfly brooch....

Happy holidays everyone!!!!!


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