December 29, 2012


So, time for the "5000 pageviews giveaway"!!

First, here's what's at stake:

Yep. that's all of it, but let's have a closer look...

Sewing pattern from Burda. Sizes EU 34-46.

Another sewing pattern from Burda. Sizes EU 34-44.

 Simplicity sewing pattern. Size US 10/Bust 32 ½ ". There are only pattern pieces for the blouse and the dress (not for the skirt or the trousers).

This pattern is very incomplete, but I'll throw it in anyway. The front and back dress pieces are missing (circled in red in the photo). My original idea was to try and copy and enlarge them from the instruction paper, but I just won't get around to it, so I'll give someone esle the chance. The pattern is Vogue size 18/Bust 38".

This is some lightweight stretch denim with pinstripes. The fabric is about 140 cm/55" wide and 110 cm/44" long, should be enough for a skirt!

I will also include a box of cute pins and some pretty blue and white ribbon (2 m/2.18 yds).

So, that's the prize... Well, what do you have to do to get it? Ok, don't get me wrong, I am fascinated by my 5000 pageviews, I never thought anyone would be interested in what I might be doing when I started this blog. Buuuut, all the same I wouldn't mind some more followers... :)

Here are the conditions:

* Follow my blog!
* Let me know that you follow my blog by leaving a comment to this post.
* For an extra chance to win, mention my giveaway on your blog and leave a comment with a link to the post where you mention it.
* The giveaway is international, I will mail the prize worldwide.
* The giveaway is open until Saturday 12 January 11.00am CET.

Good luck,



  1. I'm already following your blog on Bloglovin' and would like a chance at your prices.

  2. Ooooh, fun giveaway. I am following your blog on Bloglovin'. You are in for entering my giveaway on my blog of the sewing magazine:

    Don't forget to follow my blog, I am also on Bloglovin:”

    And I also have a page on Facebook that you can "like"


  3. Also forgot to mention that your prizes look terrific! I hope I win them! Shameless I know, but hey, love prizes :)

    1. Absolutely no shame in loving prizes, I do too! ;) And you're in my giveaway now!