December 16, 2012

A visitor

Yesterday I had a visit from my aunt, who's only twelve years older than me and more of a friend. She's is a faithful reader of my blogs and couldn't wait to see some of the things from my blog IRL (like the kitchen island re-make). While we chatted away she asked me if I hadn't done any sewing in a while since the blog had been so quiet, but I have!

I showed her two dresses from Ottobre, one Onion dress, a pair of trousers from Onion and four X-mas themed sofa cushions. I forgot to show her the Ottobre skirt. So I have been doing a lot of sewing, but just haven't had time to take decent photos or blog about them. On Friday my Christmas vacation begins and after that I will definately have time for photos and blogging. I can also promise you that the photos will be A LOT better since I got a new camera as an early Christmas present!!


Ok, so I'll be back soon with loads of great photos of stuff I've made. I also would like to send loads of hugs to my aunt who celebrates her 50th birthday tomorrow, congrats!!

Bye for now,


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