December 31, 2012

Happy New Onion - another jersey dress

I REALLY like my Onion jersey dress pattern (Onion 2017) and have now made a third version, version one here and version two here.

Yesterday I decided to finally do something with the lovely striped jersey fabric I have. There was one metre each of hot pink and grey melange, both with white stripes. Originally I had planned to make some t-shirts, but I got the idea to make a two-tone dress and use the Onion pattern. Well, here's how it turned out...

I'm happy with the dress although I was a bit ambivalent right after finishing it. I didn't know if I liked it in two colours or if I should buy more fabric and make two dresses. But now it feels good and I like it.

I made the dress like my first version, with separate waist pieces. I like it better that way. For my next version (yes, I alreday have another one in mind) I'm thinking of shortening the back bodice and lenghtening the front bodice with a few centimetres. I also like the just-below-the-knee length, usually I feel kind of frumpy dressed in that length but not with this pattern.

The left-over pink fabric was used on a dress for my girl, who loooooooooooves pink. I thought that we could match each other on New Year's Eve, but nope, she went for a RTW-dress with pink fox faces (sounds weird, but it's super cute).

BTW, I'm wearing my brand new headscarf from Christine Headwear which I ordered from Simply wigs, the "nearest" place to get Christine headwear. Simply wigs is great though, they give excellent service. The scarf is made out of lightweight soft dark blue denim (chambray?).

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Happy New Year everyone!!!




  1. I love this dress! I am currently taking a Sewing with Knits class so hopefully I'll be able to make some items out of jerseys and other knit/stretchy fabrics soon.

    1. Good luck with the class! It's superfun and easy to sew with knits. Very gratifying!

    2. I hope so, I've made a skirt that was velvet and had two stretch panels in the sides. But, the knit fabric didn't sew the same as the velvet fabric and it ended up uneven. So I had to trim off the bottom. I'm going to try to make it again as I don't want it this short. I'll post it soon on my blog and you can check it out if you like.