December 29, 2012

2012 in short

It seems popular in the sewing blogosphere to summarize the past year, and I thought to myself: Why not?! 2012 was a half bad/half good year, or more like really bad and then some better... Let me tell you...

(Background: in 2011 I lost all my hair to Alopecia Universalis (caused by stress), which didn't feel so hot...)
January - Started out with the end of a good Christmas holiday, I felt no urge whatsoever to go back to work. And I hardly did, because most of January I was at home because of stress...

February - Finally got a doctor's appointment, where the excellent doctor put me on sick leave because of depression caused by exhaustion ("burn-out"). I was home for three (!) days before my daughter got chickenpox and was home from daycare for ten days. Then I was home for two (!) days before my husband got a stroke (yep, stroke as in bleeding in the brain). The same day he was hospitalised our son got chickenpox, which meant we couldn't go visit my husband in the hospital. I struggled to find people to help me watch the kids while I went to my husband in the hospital (we don't have any relatives close-by).

March - My husband came home from the hospital and was miraculously unmarked by the stroke. We were now both on sick leave, which was both good and bad; good because we got time to spend with each other which never have, bad because I needed rest and silence.

April - I started sewing again, hadn't sewn since before I got the kids which was six years ago. I felt really good and I found sewing blogs on the net to inspire me. I never thought I would have a sewing blog of my own, but after only a few weeks of sewing I started one. And how rewarding! Really one of the good things this year.

May - I try to go back to work but it doesn't work out. I knew it was too soon but wanted to please my boss and the Social security office (which gives you money when you're sick. Bless the Swedish social security system!).

June - My husband starts working part-time after his stroke and it works out well and I (finally) get some peace and quiet around the house. :)

July - We have our summer holiday, four weeks together. One week is spent at our favourite summer spot, Olofsbo outside of Falkenberg. Sadly, this week is kind of a fiasco, bad weather, the kids are understimulated and my husband and I are exhausted. There's no place like home...

August - All summer I have been preparing in my head to go back to work when school starts again and I do! I start with 25% and it goes great. It's good to feel better!

September - I finish the stress management course I've been attending since June and I feel that it has helped me.

October - Work is going so well, that I "upgrade" to 50%. My pupils are so great and I get a lot of energy from them. Sewing and blogging take the backseat while I concentrate on work, fewer projects and fewer posts, but it feels OK. Decided to get a kitten, such joy! But I didn't get to fetch it until Dec.

November - Everything was really good and we were all looking forward to going to my sister and her family and to see their new house. Of course our daughter got tonsillitis while we're there and on Saturday evening she woke up screaming in panic for air her tonsils were so swollen. My sister and I took her to the children emergeny room where we spent three hours waiting. We got great help, but it's always nerve-wrecking to wait. Because of her tonsillitis I didn't get much sleep at all for about five nights in a row and I literally became a zombie (because of my burn-out...).

December - One of the most nerve-wrecking periods of the year at my job, with grading and everything, but this year it went really smoothly and I felt OK, even though my body told me otherwise with eczema and trouble sleeping. I made myself a cosy velour dress for Christmas and I posted about it with pictures where I show my naked head, for the first time on the blog. For me that's a HUGE step.

Ok, there it is, my 2012. Very bad, but good too...

My hopes for 2013:
  • I recover fully from my health issues.
  • (Though I know there's not much of a chance) I hope I get my hair back.
  • I keep on sewing for myself, pretty things that go with my style.
  • I feel good about sewing for others (kids' t-shirts and so on) and maybe can make some profit of it.
  • My family stay healthy.
  • My class and I will have a good trip to Mallorca.
  • I will keep staying away from sugar as much as I can (I do feel better without it).
  • Loads of other things I can't remember now.. :)
Happy New Year everyone!! (And don't forget to enter my giveaway!)



  1. What a year 2012 has been for you. Here's to a better 2013 for you and your family!

  2. Happy New Year to you! I wish you all the best for 2013. You've made some amazing garments this year, xxx

    1. Thanks so much! And thanks for the inpiration! :)

  3. Happy New Year Jo !

    I wish you all the best :D
    Keep going and keep smiling !

  4. I have only just got round to having a good read of your blog, soo busy fixing boilers with this cold weather. 2012 was a Very tough year for your family, it's incredibly inspirational how well you battle all the hard times. I am glad things are starting to look up and hope 2013 is a happy year for you. xx