December 18, 2012

Onion jersey dress

Recently I bought two patterns from Onion. One was a trouser pattern, no. 4026, and the other was a jersey dress pattern, no. 2017.

I really liked the waist part, that you could create a belt-effect with contrasting fabric. But as it turned out, the waist part WAS a sort of belt/sash, and since I don't feel very comfortable with belts/things tied around my waist I altered the pattern a bit.

Here's how it turned out... (please excuse A) the bad photos (my 6-year-old took them) and B) my bad posture (totally my own fault)) :)

The fabric is some light-weight cotton stretch jersey. I couldn't resist it at the fabric store even though I know this is my colour, light mustard yellow. I mean, who can resist polka dots?! Not me evidently...
I thought I would take away some of the yellow-ness by putting in contrasting black edges at the neckline and the sleeves and at the waist. And there's where I altered the pattern, I divided the skirt pieces into skirt and waist pieces. It worked out fine, I just put the pleats below the black waist band insteadof directly below the bust.

The dress was super-easy and super-fast to put together. I traced the pattern and cut the fabric on Tuesday morning and sewed it up Friday night in between dinner and putting the kids to bed. It almost feels like it takes longer to describe the time consumed then it took to make the dress. That's how fast it was.... :)

The length was really good for me, I made the longest version, and I will surely make this again. I wore it to work yesterday with thermotights (it's cold in Sweden) and a black bolero from HM. It was supercomfortable and I got several compliments!

Here's a bonus photo of me with our new parrot cat on my shoulder.... Apparently she likes sitting on people's shoulders, I'm not the only victim... :)

I'm thinking of making something new to wear for Christmas, but I'm not sure of what to make... Any suggestions anyone?

Bye for now,


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