April 30, 2013

Laurel x 2

No, I didn't die.... Although I have been too busy to be posting on the blog. :)

I have sewn a lot, but also been working a lot and this weekend I worked, a lot, in the gaarden, which happens about once every year.

Here are two more Laurels, I finished the dress this weekend (after the gardening!) and the blouse was finished today.  I have entered both in the Colette patterns Laurel contest, but I have no chance of winning what so ever, not after seeing all the AMAZING Laurels on flickr.

Not much to say about the make, pretty straightforward. Look at the photos, no secrets there, what you see is what you get.... I really suck at details, I have to get better at that...

The blouse is made up from black cotton eyelet, really pretty, but it doesn't come though in the photos.I just turned over the hems and sewed, no bias binding.

The dress is linen/cotton, which was very easy to sew. I used bias tape to finish the hems.

 Here are all three of my Laurels. BTW, changed the size from US upper 12/lower 14 to US 12, which is perfect!

Have you sewn any Laurels?




  1. The fabric for the dress Laurel is beautiful. I supsect the black eyelet is pretty too, but as you said, it's hard to see. No Laurels for me, it's not really my style.

    BTW, I like the way you've done your hair in the first set (with the bouse).

  2. well I'm glad you didn't die! You silly! I know what you mean about being busy..whew! i love the blouse and skirt, I would def be wearing that! I love the second Laurel you made as well, that is such a pretty print.
    No Laurels here for me either, I still have blouses to sew and kids clothes to make!