April 14, 2013

Meet Laurel and Violet from Colette patterns, they're really nice!

I shared earlier that I had ordered the new pattern from Colette patterns, Laurel, and another one I've wanted for some time, Violet. I gor them in the mail last week and I already had some fabric in mind for making up some kind of wearable muslins. So fairly quickly I traced the patterns and cut the fabric for both.

Here's Laurel:

And here's Violet:

I chose size US12 at the bust and tapered to size US14 at the hips for both garments. For the Violet blouse that was great, but on the Laurel dress I think it was too big. When I make the Laurel dress again (because I will!) I'm thinking of making the front size US12 and the back size US10 tapered to size US 12 at the hips. The upper back part was really big and I had to make two extra sort of darts in the back going from the neckline down to the actual back double darts. It doesn't look bad, but it shouldn't be necessary...

Here are some photos of Laurel and me. :)

Yep, that's me wearing a wig for once...

Don't tell me hair doesn't make a difference.... It does!

Used a decorative stitch for the neckline. Could not be bothered to handstitch the bias binding...ugh...

Decorative stitch on the sleeves too...

This is a first! I used my blind hem foot for the first time to make a machine stitched blind hem!

Can you see the back darts? No, I didn't think so... :)
Here's Voilet and me:

Here's Violet paired with my recent cropped jean trousers. And a different wig...

And a photo without the hair...

Ugh, do not like the neckline facing.... Have to try something else next time...

I'm quite happy with the two garments except for two things:
1. The size of the dress
2. The length of the blouse
Luckily enough, both issues are easily resolved. :)

BTW, the fabric I used for the dress is what I believe to be a 30-35 year old table cloth and the fabric for the blouse is a striped cotton sateen bed sheet often found in hotel beds! The first is a thrift find and the second is from my  mum.

What is the weirdest fabric you have used to make clothes?

Bye for now,



  1. Love the Violet blouse it is soo sweet! That peter pan collar turned out great! The Laurel dress kinda reminds me of Lisette patterns I did last year. I love that 60's shift dress style!

    I haven't made anything yet out of weird materials..I do have a pink gingham sheet I'm planning on using for some play clothes for my daughter for summer...got to get cracking on it though as spring is almost here!!

    1. Oh, I love shift dresses too, since I'm pretty thick-waisted...

      I would love to see what you make of the pink gingham sheet. Gingham is so pretty and I love pink!