September 14, 2012

I love my overlocker! - update on the coat

Slowly but steadily. I'm making progress on my coat. On Wednesday I cut out all the paper pattern pieces and the fabric as well, both the bouclé and the lining. I recently bought a cutting mat and a rotary cutter which makes the cutting part so much faster and easier. Totally recommend getting those!

Yesterday I had a little time and thought I'd overlock the edges of the lining fabric, because it's slippery like h**l and fraying like crazy. But then I thought, jeeze, why do that when I can sew them together right away. So I used my overlocker and sew together all the lining pieces I could, which took, like, no time at all! So, LOVING my overlocker!

I feels like it won't be so hard to make this coat after all. :) Well, we'll see what I think when it's time for button holes and what not...

Bye for now,


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