September 17, 2012

New sewing room

My husband thought I didn't have enough space for my sewing stuff and suggested that I'd take the guest room and make it into a sewing room. I was delighted to get more space and also the possibility to sew in the evenings without waking up the kids (my old sewin space was right outside their rooms). Only time stood in our way and we couldn't organise it until this weekend.

Saturday morning - a trip to IKEA, where we bought a new desk with drawers on the side and a book case and some other stuff like boxes and a mat. I particularly like the book case Hemnes, it's got that romantic vintage look to it. Everything we bought was white or pink, which is my favourite colour. The guest room used  to be a children's room and the wallpaper is pink with a fairytale border mid-wall, so pink goes very well in this room. Let me show you...

Pretty, isn't it? I love it! The space and atmosphere and colours and everything! So much that I had to use it right away and finish my coat, see next post....



  1. I'm jealous! Love the pink and white...I wouldn't dare show a pic of my sewing room...haha it's part of an old attic, it needs some tender loving care! Your hubby's sweet, glad he supports your sewing addiction!

    1. My husband is THE sweetest! He's just glad I have something to do that I like. I can't believe that your sewing space is that bad, at least you have one! I'm sure it will be great in the end.

  2. Yay a sewing room, lucky you! I am glad to see you have been busy working away in it too, it is very organised, I can't believe it will stay that way for too long :) xx