September 03, 2012

Projects for this week

1. Choose or make a dress for a birthday party on Saturday.
2. Take photos of the fabrics and samples for the kids' t-shirts and put on the blog.
3. Start on the coat (!) I've decided to make. (Bought a fabulous fabric where one side is polar fleece and the other is bouclé, the colour is petrol/teal.) Exciting!
4. Research trouser patterns, since I'm working up the nerve to try to sew trousers again (still remembering the jeans debacle from this spring).
5. Look into changing and expanding my sewing space. My husband(!) thinks I should have more space to sew...
6. I'm sure there was something else.... Had the list perfectly clear in my head while cycling home from town...



Oh, finally remembered the next project on my list...

6. Sew one or more new headscarves!


  1. Looks like you have been busy busy with projects! I will be getting ready to sew a plan for the material that I got from you! I'll send you details soon! Gotta set my sewing room back up!

    1. Oh, do fill me in on your plans. I'm super curious about what you'll make of "my" fabric. Good luck with the sewing room!

  2. You can find inspiration about your sewing space here :
    I'm actually part of it, look well :D

    1. Thanks for the tip! I have to check out that link now.... :)