January 05, 2013

It's in the bag - My version of the bag from the Burdastyle sewing handbook

The other day I finally had enough of my purse. It's been nothing but trouble... First one of the swivel clasp on the shoulder strap broke (actually fell to pieces) after only a few days. Then there was the outside zipper pocket, where the zipper never has worked, not even after going to the store to get it fixed. I haven't had for six months even, the shortest period of time for me ever. And it's just hard to find a good purse...

So, why not MAKE the perfect purse?! That's what I thought to myself anyway... Said and done!

I started by thinking what I was looking for in a purse - size, number of pockets, types of pockets etc. Iliked the size of my old, stupid purse so I went from there. I also remembered that there was a bag in the Burdastyle sewing handbook. I used that pattern and adapted it to fit my needs.

Here's a BUNCH of photos from the process...

All the fabric pieces and the sketch of my purse.

One of the side pieces. I made pleats instead of gathers at the bottom because of the heavy fabric.
Front/back lining piece with double pocket.

Other front/back lining piece with zippered pocket.
Lining completed.

Outside front/back pockets. One zippered and the other one only pressed.

Outside front/back pocket attached to front/back piece.

Shell finished. Or so I thought....

Here the lining and the shell are sewn together. I remembered to  fasten the  little side straps before sewing everuthing together.

Side strap from the outside.

Side strap from the inside.

The elastic's in the casings and fastened and the sides are stitched too. Yay! I thought, and then I realised that I had forgotten the handles.... :(

Sewing on the handles.

Handles! Yay! They turned out quite OK actually.

The shoulder strap, complete with D-rings and swivel  clasps. (Had to go to three stores to find some.)

Shoulder strap

What do I have in my purse then? Well, it's not a secret...

Side pocket - extra head scarf.

Front/back pocket - work keys and home keys

Other front/back pocket - my car key and the husband's car key

Inside double pocket - chewing gum and hankies.  Everything else jumbled around in the actual bag. I think I will have my mobile in the remaining side pocket.

Looking good on the arm...

Looking good on the shoulder...
 Hope you enjoyed all those photos. :)

I used some heavy-weight fabric (furniture fabric) from IKEA. I think they still have the print but in some less offensive colours. This is HOOOOOT pink with yellow print. I used yellow zippers and some yellow bias tape for the pockets. The thread is a slightly darker pink. The lining is some light/medium weight cotton I had in my stash. The IKEA fabric has been in my stash for quite a while. What I ended up buying to finish the purse was two 30 cm zippers, swivel clasps, D-rings and keyrings (to connect the swivel clasps and the D-rings) - much, MUCH cheaper than a new purse!

It was really fun to sew the purse, it took two days for me, but then I didn't sew all day. It was actually kind of fun NOT to use the overlocker, I used my sewing machine for everything. I recommend the pattern for anyone who would like to make their own purse.

Anyone else who has made the Burdastyle bag?

Bye for now,



  1. J'aime beaucoup la forme de ce sac, c'est exactement ce que je recherche !
    très joli

    1. Merci! J'ADORE mon sac , surtout maintenant quand j'ai commencé à l'utiliser. Tous ces poches pour tous les petites choses! Le patron de sac de Burdastyle Sewing handbook est vraiment bien.