December 05, 2013

Scrap Bambi

This year I feel inspired to make some of the Christmas presents I'm giving away. My first project is a plush toy for my daughter. She saw this bambi in one of my sewing magazines and asked if she could have one. This was months ago but I remembered and thought Christmas was a good moment to make one for her.

She loves pink so I dug in my pile of scraps to find pink ones to use. Pretty successful outcome I must say!

The pattern really called for quilting cotton, but I used stretchy velour and jersey scraps and they were very easy to work with due to the stretch.

You were also supposed to embroider around the edges of the eyes and make eyelashes, but since I'm a lazy bastard :) I just used my sewing machine and straight stitch! I did close the stuffing hole on the belly by hand! *Proud of myself*

Now I just hope that my girl will like her new little friend!

Bye for now,


(Happy birthday to my dad! He was going to be 65 years old today.)

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