December 31, 2013

Sewlutions for 2013 - the result

Last New Year's day I made a sewlution on Karen's blog for 2013. It looked like this:

"I’d like to be in the jar too, Dear Keeper :). And here’s my plan: to sew garments with bound buttonholes, welt pockets, zippered pockets as I want to learn new techniques."

OMG! I have failed miserably! Not a bound button hole in sight... And to be honest, I can't even remember that this is what I promised. I did have "the Mistress of the jar" in the back of my head all year, but I thought I had written that I will try and sew more challenging garments...

Oh well... I'm quite happy with my sewing year anyway and I'm very pleased that I have done so much unselfish sewing.

I even made a skirt for my sister (in the striped giraffe dress) as a X-mas present, only I haven't got any photos of it. It's a navy blue Everyday skirt.

I'm also pleased to have found a TNT (tried and true) dress pattern that I made myself - the Giraffe dress. I love those dresses, so comfy and pretty, I think. :) I wear them all the time. I even have one that I haven't blogged yet (I just realized...).

Another thing I'm proud of and pleased about, is the fact that I've sewn a number of trousers this year, Skinny trouser that fit well, well, and one pair that didn't (but at least those had welt pockets!).

So, no bound button holes or zippered pockets this year, but certainly other things to feel good about!

Happy new sewing year to everyone!