June 18, 2012

Celebration GIVEAWAY!!!!!

Hey, everyone! Today is the two month-anniversary of my blog and I want to celebrate that and the fact that in those two months I've had OVER a thousand pageviews! I never thought that would happen when I started this blog as sort of a therapy for myself. Yay! I'm actually very proud of myself.

So here's how it's going down.... If you want a chance to win some faboulous fabric, look through my blog, find the post you like the best and write that in a comment to this post. You can name whichever post you want up til this post, so anything posted after this is cannot be voted for. By this I hope to get some help to keep my blog interesting and worth reading. You have one week to comment, I will not consider any comments made after 10.00 Am CET Monday June 25.

I will draw a winner of all the people who has commented. No use to make several comments, you will only have one chance to win.

So here's what you can win:

Pretty, isn't it?! It is some kind of polyester crepe, I think (no guarantees). You can see the size of the dots in the second picture. The piece of fabric is 93 cm/37 inches wide and 218 cm/2 1/3 yards long.

I am willing to mail it to any part of the world, so anyone is welcome to participate.

I also want to put in a special thank you to my two most loyal commentators, Angela and Katy. Thanks so much, it means a lot to get such encouragement that I've got from you!

So, check out the blog and leave a comment!

Bye for now,



  1. Awwh that is so cool!! If I remember correctly I found a post you had on Colette Patterns, and followed your link... to your April 26, 2012 post and this was the first blog of yours I read...
    I've got a little obession too for Lisette Patterns and I really liked your version with the pink tunic.... I don't have other sewing friends (I guess that's too old school for them) and it's been great to look forward to reading your blog posts!

    1. I don't have other sewing friends either. My mum likes sewing, but mostly for home decoration. But I force all my relatives to read my blog anyway... :)
      But I'm so glad to have people like you read my blog, who are interested in sewing too. It's great to get comments and communicating with other parts of the world and see that we are very mucj alike anyway. :)

  2. Oh hey I finally posted another dress up on flikr....it's the Passport. http://www.flickr.com/photos/79343119@N06/
    (Since I'm terrible about posting pics! haha)

  3. Yay for two months and over a thousand page views! :D
    I'm new to your blog and to be absolutely honest i LOVED your 'Totally sewing unrelated post'. It's fun to catch a glimpse of what you bloggers get up to when your not sewing ;)

    Oh, and also this fabric is to cute!

  4. "(Don't my eyes look a little crazy in these webcam photos...?)"

    Okay, that comment's definitely my favorite in your blog!!

    Your new wig looks great, and so do you in your t-shirts.

    BTW, I like the fabric and would love to get it.


  5. Happy blogging anniversary. I enjoyed reading through your blog and my best post is Graduation dress finished. Sim 2444. This is because of loads of clear pics of inside the dress, loved your neat finishes, dress looked really nice on you too. Would love to win because I have already fallen in love with the fabric. So I'll be keeping my fingers crossed.

  6. Hi there. I just found your blog as I am doing the Simplicity 1880 sewalong and noticed your comment on Sunni's blog. It's always great to discover another sewing blog, I learn so much from them. My favourite post is also your Simplicity 2444 post, mostly because its on my next to make list and I loved how you posted all the pics of the inside of the dress (same as zoeope! above, snap.), I hadn't thought of doing french seams but I think I might now as your version looks so lovely. I'm making mine up in green as well! Count me in on the giveaway, the fabric would make a lovely blouse methinks.

  7. Hi! Thanks for all your comments, very useful! Only 24h until I draw the winner...

  8. Taking the last chance :)

    I really liked your finished graduation dress and the pictures of the inside since I'm very lazy when it comes to inside finishing. Posts like that are a good reminder as to why I should bother with insides.