June 02, 2012

And I'm back in the game! - Blouse from Burda Easy (spring/summer issue)

It's been such a long week for me, sewing wise, because I have all these projects lined upp and somehow I just froze up and couldn't make myself get started on anything. All this even though the projects aren't difficult or time-comsuming. I started hestitating about the fabric choices and that became an obstacle.

But today, I finally made myself put out the pattern pieces on the fabric and cut! And this is what happened:

I found this cute blouse in the latest issue of Burda Easy, model no. 4. In the magazine there was one version made of fake suede, a dress version made of crepe and a sleeveless dress version made of knit jersey. But since I like cotton I stuck with that. The fabric comes from my stash, it's one I got from mum. A very light cotton, dark blue with tiny white and red flowers, so sweet.

There are two pleats at the front neckline.

 The instructions called for a button closing in the back of the neck, but I put some ribbon in instead to tie a bow. It turned out well I think.

I was able to make French seams everywhere, except for the hems of course.

I'm really happy with this and I will make this pattern again. But next time I will lengthen it even more. This time I added about 2 cm, but next time I will have to make that 7 cm, because it is a tiny bit short for my taste. Otherwise, it was really easy to make and I totally recommend to go out and get that magazine and sew one for yourself.

About sewing magazines, I really like them, you get a lot of patterns for very little money and there are many inspiring pictures inside. It's can be really boring and sometimes hard to trace the patterns because there are so many on the same pattern sheat. Burda Easy was great that way, that the sheats ressembled regular sewing patterns. How about you, do you like sewing magazine patterns or do you prefer regular sewing patterns?

Well, I'm happy to have gotten over my sewing freeze and hope to be on to my next project tomorrow already. Have a lovely evening!

Bye for now,



  1. Wow I love it, perfect fabric for this top. I am well impressed with the all french seams too, very neat and tidy. The pretty ribbon on the back looks adorable. x

    1. Thanks! I wasn't up to sewing a button and making a button loop, and I think the ribbon turned out well. I see now that I forgot to write that the fabric is from the 70s or 80s. My mum has a lot of fabric saved up, although now she has given me most of it! :)

  2. Awwh I like that Johanna, I'm really into those simple little tops like that. So much nicer than just a Tee shirt. Plus you made it so it's sure to hold up better! I freeze up like that too and then wind up doing nothing. I like using patterns, but I have used some from books I get from the library. I just trace the pattern out on tissue paper. It's fun! Chat with you soon!

  3. I love the neckline of blouse. I also love the look of your sewing room, wish I had one. :)