June 13, 2012

No busy bee on the blog, but elsewhere

Just wanted to check in and say hi... Hi! So that you don't think I've gone missing or something because it's been so quiet here on the blog.

I've been away for my cousin's graduation, last Friday, and I did wear the graduation dress (Simplicity 2444) but only for a few hours out in the pouring rain, then it was wet and damp, so I had to put something else on for the reception. So I can't really say that I've worn it properly yet.

This week I have been so busy at work. I work at a school ("junior high") which will, next school year, be totally renovated. So we have to move the whole school, wee not the actual buildning, but EVERYTHING in it to a temporary school. And now we're at the final stage of packing and I'm responsible for my desk, my things and also the things in my classroom. But I think I finished today. Yay!!! Which means that I soon can focus on some sewing again.

I had some ideas and made some sketches while on the bus/train going to and from my cousin's graduation six hours away. I'm still pondering some of them and we'll see what will become of them...

BTW, I ordered the Burda style sewing handbook yesterday after reading some good things about it. I just LOOOOVE the Colette sewing handbook and I hope this will be just as good (if possible). I have also resolved on taking part in the Colette sew-a-long 2.0, but only making the patterns I want to.

Oh, almost forgot... Check out my blog on Monday, when I will post about a GIVE-AWAY!!!

Bye for now,



  1. Go U! I've been missing you on here! I haven't done much sewing either since I'm back in school. So far I have cut out my pattern and ironed it up...it's Simplicity 1803. The version in pink. See you soon!


    1. Wow! That is a cute dress! Good luck with it and let me know when you have pictures.