June 28, 2012

Fabric finds!

I went into to town for some shopping today and found that one of my favourite shops, Panduro, had included fabrics in there summer sale. Yay! They have adorable cotton fabrics, especially from the brand Tilda.

Normally the fabrics are expensive there, about £10-14/metre, and now they had loads for half price!

Here's my haul:
Well, actually, the fabric at the bottom of the picture is not from Panduro, but my local fabric store. It's some knit fabric that I will use for a dress. It's dark brown with dots in beige and petrol.

So, here are the fabrics from Panduro:

Navy blue polka dots, enough for a dress, 2.3 metres. As soon as I saw the fabric I knew it had to be a dress. So lovely!

This is black fabric with tiny, tiny, tiny dots. Cute! I'm thinking a dress, maybe the Burda panel dress. What do you think? I have 2.5 metres, so there should be enough. :)

I don't have any plans for this fabric, but it's totally adorable so I had to have it, 2 metres of it! What do you think? A blouse?

What do you think about this?! So cute, right?! The picture doesn't do it justice, the colours are much brighter IRL. This will be a blouse I think. I bought 1.5 metres.

Well, I'm very happy with my purchases, and I feel inspired!

Bye for now,



  1. What a great selection. I can't wait to see what you make from them. x

  2. Ahh now you have me inspired! I haven't gotten to sew but one thing since I returned to school! Hopefully soon I can work on that dress! I love polka dots too, very classy! Well I'm off to bed thank goodness its friday tomorrow!