May 25, 2012

Graduation dress finished - Simplicity 2444

There wasn't much left to do today on the graduation dress (No, not my graduation, my cousin's. I would be the oldest high school graduate ever, if it were me...). It took a little bit longer  than I thought to finish the sleeves, neckline and lower hem, but I did finish today and the dress is beautiful both on the outside and the inside, not a raw edge in sight.

First let me show you the inside, which I'm so proud of.


Don't know if it shows, but since I couldn't do a French seam at CB I hemmed the two sides before I put in the zipper.

The pocket - also in French seam.

Center front - French seam (Love them) and lower hem.

The pleats on the front skirt and the darts on the front bodice, aaaaalmost matching, only 1-2 mm off.
And look at those sleeve seams finished with bias tape! I'm so proud of myself!
OK, enough with the inside. Let's have a look at the outside. I did make the waist more fitted and it is better this way. When I cut out the fabric I added 3 cm at the bottom of the skirt and I finally made the hem 5 cm, so I guess I added 1 cm in the end to the length. I had also added a total of 6 cm to the waist using the pivot alteration method from the Colette sewing handbook, but I guess I didn't need all those cm, since I had to take it in at the waist. Other than that I can't think of any alterations I made. The size is Am. 18 at the bustline and Am. 20 at the waist- and hipline.

So, how did it turn out then. Here it is, I styled it with a darkgreen belt, turquoise sandals and a darkgreen necklace. I don't know how I'll wear it to the graduation, but maybe this is it.

My little girl wanted to be in the photo.

Only one thing missing... A waist... wish I had one...

Hope you like my dress, I do! Have a great evening.

Bye for now,



  1. Excellent work! This is beautiful on the inside and the outside

    1. Thank you so much! Have you worn your bow dress a lot? I hope my dress will get a lot of wear, it seems like a good choice for warmer and cooler summer days.

  2. I really like this pattern! Aren't french seams soooo rewarding? That style of dress (we call it fit and flare) seems really popular right now!

    1. Hey, there's a reply for you, down there-> I just keep forgetting to click on reply and just write in the comment field... Sorry.

  3. I like the pattern too. NOT my usual style (because of my non-existing waist), but it looks fab, so I had to try it, and it fit really well even though I didn't make a muslin first.

    And YES, my daughter is a red-haired, and so is my son, Though is hair is a bit darker. Their father is/was red-haired too (it looks motsly brown now). I used to have darkblond/grey hair and I have brown eyes, but both kids have the blue eyes of their father. They both look so much like him, that if I hadn.t had them in my belly I wouldn't be sure they are mine... :)(Just kidding).

  4. hahah you are too funny! I know what you mean about the non existant waist thing...after I had my daughter I have this kangaroo pouch that won't go away! I am supposed to make US pattern 18 too...but I don't, I go a size maybe two smaller just to get that fit right. These 1950's styles help us ladies with the no waist! :(

    1. This dress is very far from what I normally wear or make. But I'm really happy with it, and if it's comfortable (I will test it out at my cousin's graduation) I will definately make another one. What do you think about the belt though? Should I wear the white or the green one?

  5. I think either one would be good...I don't know why that black makes me think fancy with black shoes...or something like that. :)