May 09, 2012

New - and old - projects

My aim is that this is to be mainly a sewing blog, but I do have other projects as well, so I thought I'd take the opportunity to write about one of them as well.

First, an old project, not to do with sewing at all. I thought of naming this post something to do with books, because two of the things I wanted to write about are to do with books. My old and soon to be finished project is rather nerdy and concerns books and films, two of my favourite things. I really can't remember when I decided to do this, but some time in January I think. Do what then? Well, I absolutely LOVE the Harry Potter books and films, so I turned that in to a project where I would read each book (again! and in English of course) and then watch the movie (again!). I now have about a fifth left of the last book (Harry Potter and the deathly hallows) and the two movies based on the book. Quite a big project since I've been going on for about four months (well, some of those books are kind of brick-like). I can't wait til I get to read them to my children and we can watch the films together.

Second, I have some new projects which I've begun.
  • One, is sewing more Colette patterns, since I ordered the Colette sewing handbook today from adlibris. YAY!
  • Two, is trying to make Simplicity 2444 in time for my cousin/God daughter's graduation.
  • And three, is to make a pair of jeans for myself! I wore a pair of jeans the other day for work and it just bothered my that the waist was so low, even though they're supposed to be "normal waist". So now I will try to make a pair with a high(er) waist. I ordered an 80s jeans pattern from Etsy for $3 (+P&P), that I thought I could mould into what I want. We'll see... At least it will be a challenging project.
Ok, since I prefer posts with pictures, here's one of Simplicity 2444 (just to make it less "texty"):

Oh, by the way, the Ginger skirt has changed me, or rather my style. I wore it to work on Friday with a blouse TUCKED IN! OMG, that hasn't happened in 20 years! It actually looked like I had a waist and I didn't feel that fat. This is why I have to have high-waisted jeans, so I can tuck in a blouse and look good! This also gives me e new reason to shop more, because now I need cute belts (not necessarily new ones)...

Well, bye for now,



  1. Men du.....
    Vad duktig du är. Jättefina /kram E.

  2. Tack! Det är du med, både fin och duktig! :)