May 12, 2012

"Order! I will have order!" what Dolores Umbridge said in "Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix" and what I would like to say about things here!

In my previous post I wrote about my upcoming projects and totally forgot about one of them. Not so orderly... So I will return order to my blog and tell you about this cute blouse I sewed up for mum.

She liked the one I made for our visit to her so much and she gave me loads of fabric, so I promised to make one for her. And I also gave her my first version of this pattern (Simplicity 2147), the dark green one which look sort of sack-like, though not on her, which was good.

She gave me the fabric for the blouse, kind of greyish-blue with irregular white dots. Super-cute! Some kind of cotton, very easy to work with, not a lot of fraying. I made most of the seams French seams and also used the twin-needle for the sleeves, neck and hem, it just looks really nice.

Here it is on the hanger:

And here I'm trying it on, even though it's a bit big for me. I hope mum will be pleased.

Oh, I almost forgot, but I lowered the neckline to get it more like a U-neck than a boat-neck, not that you can see it really... Mum's only request, I hope it will be enough.

So... I'm still waiting for my jeans pattern from Etsy and my Colette book, so I'm kind of stuck there. Although I bought some denim stretch fabric for my upcoming jeans, washed it, dried it in the drier and ironed it, and ended up with a blue drier door and blue fingers. I can't believe how much denim can bleed, I even thought of writing a post about this called "Keep bleedin', keep keep bleedin'...".

Ok, so now I feel things are back in order, though I might throw another Ginger in the mix after seeing this post by Sunni (A Fashionable Stitch) about a wonderful jean version.

Ok, bye for now,


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