May 16, 2012


I spent half the day yesterday making the muslin for my jeans to be. Which I now strongly suspect will NOT be... I used a jeans pattern from Kwik sew from 1981 (I think). I chose the narrow leg (out of the selection of narrow, straight and bootleg) and even so, they were HUGE and WIDE and HIGH, the waist went up to my ribs without the actual waistband sewed on. OMG! I know I said I wanted jeans with a higher waist, but that's just ri-diculous. I don't have a pic because they don't deserve to be preserved, my unbearable, unwearable muslin (sorry, couldn't help myself..:)).

So now I'm kind of put out, I don't know how to proceed. Should I go for my altered pattern (with not such a high waist and skinnier legs, but not what I pictured from the start) or just drop the project altogether? Any thoughts, anyone?

Bye for now,


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