May 24, 2012

Sneak peek at the Graduation dress - Simplicity 2444

I've been a busy bee working on the dress I will wear for my cousin's graduation, it's a Simplicity 2444. It was no. 1 on my todo-list from my last blog post.

I have been very thorough with finishing the seams nicely. I've made French seams everywhere so far. I was very inspired to do this after seeing the work Cynthia at Dapperduds put in on her version of the Simplicity 2444.

I only have the sleeves, the neckline and the lower hem left to finish! Yay! I feel so proud to have taken my time to do things properly. I have used some of the tips from the Colette sewing handbook, it's great!

Well, I have some pictures for you, two with a belt and two without. (I know, the dress isn't ironed). Here we go!

I couldn't find a green zipper in the right shade so I settled for a turquoise one (Yes, I love that colour!). I won't be bothered by a different-coloured zipper, I mean, I won't even see it.

I'm thinking of maybe taking it in a bit at the waist, it doesn't look very fitted. I don't want it to be tight, but a little more fitted than this.

OK, going to prepare for watching the semi final of the Eurovision song contest.

Bye for now,


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