May 16, 2013

MMM '13 week 3 day 13 to 16

Here's another update on MMM, not a whole week this time, but Monday to Thursday.

Monday 13 May

I had the stomach flu during the night and didn't feel very well during the day either, so I wore my Burdastyle jersey trousers in teal and a me-made t-shirt, I just can't remember which one. I hope I'm excused for not having a photo from this day....

Tuesday 14 May

Black eyelet Laurel blouse and neon pink Burdastyle slim jeans (to be blogged). Going to a staff party our bosses arranged.

Wednesday 15 May

Breton striped t-shirt and Burdastyle slim jeans (still waiting to be blogged...). Ordinary workday.

Thursday 16 May

T-shirt and Ginger denim skirt. Yet another workday....

I must say that MMM is going a lot smoother than I thought it would. I thought it would be a challenge to find things to wear and not get bored with the things you wear. So far I haven't worn many garments several days, it seems it's only my Burdastyle jersey trousers and my two pairs of Burdastyle slim jeans. Oh yes, the striped Onion jeresy dress too. How about you, are you having a hard time with MMM or is it going smoothly?

Bye for now,


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