May 21, 2013

Slender pencil trousers from Burdastyle x 2

Lately I've been sewing a lot trousers it seems, maybe not a lot, but at least two pair and one pair of shorts too. I've been chasing a TNT pattern for slim trousers and I finally found one!

Perfect slim trousers!

I had been thinking about these trousers from Burdastyle for a while, but didn't think it would be any use to try since I'm a size EU46 and they only go up to EU44. But after making the pattern below in size EU46 and they turned out way too big, I thought I might give it a go.

Turned out oh so big, not tight in one place...

So I made two pairs in denim fabric, dark blue and neon pink!

I know there are some wrinkles and stuff in the back, but I don't care, I'm super happy with my new trousers! The blue ones turned out a bit too big at first so I took them in down the sides 1-4 centimetres. On the pink pair I overdid it a bit and they turned out too tight... But that's fixed too now!

The alerations I made was to add 7 centimetres to the length (the patterns in Burdastyle are made for women of 168 cm and I'm 175 cm) and instead of adding 1 cm seam allowance I added 1,5 cm. I also put exposed zippers in the back instead of invisible zippers in the side. I tried two different techniques for that which was fun.

This is technique one!

Yes, the trousers are cat inspected and cat approved! :)

Zipper technique two!

For the first zipper I used this video tutorial by FashionSewingBlogTv. For the second zipper I used a tutorial from Pattern Runway. Both tutorials were excellent!

What I like especially about this Burdastyle pattern is that the waist is kind of high, I have figured out that I prefer high-waisted trousers. For the second pair, the neon pink one, I raised the waist even more in the back, about 2 cm.

Anyway, I would totally recommend this pattern, just remember that the trousers aren't as slim as they look in the photo on Burdastyle. What are you working on?

Bye for now,



  1. Great pants! Congrats on finding a TNT pattern.I like the pink pants, they really pop.

  2. Nope I didnt die either, been so busy with so many ridiculous things,that really amount to nothing! LOL!
    I love these pants...funny, how I love the first pics of the slim girl, in reality I'm totally the second glam girl in black! I like the zippers you put in, I would never have thought to have tried that exposed zipper!?? Sorry you got the flu! Have to love kids! Be careful stopping antidepress meds too careful! I did that once too..not good!
    So nice of you to make a dress for your best friend!!! Love it! Stripes are my fav these days!
    Hope to see you online soon on chat! HAPPY sewing!