July 07, 2013

A dress inspired by House of Lola

As I've written before I have a colleague who sells clothes from the fabulous brand House of Lola. The clothes are comfy AND pretty!! But, they are pretty expensive, so I take inspiration and make my own clothes instead.

This dress is inspired by a dress that I can't find a photo of, which is pretty good because they don't look much alike.

The fabric is, what I think is called French terry. In Sweden it's called sweatshirt fabric. I used the wrong side as the outside to make it look more like the original dress.

The pattern is something I came up with myself, sort of.  I combined some different patterns to get the look I wanted. The gathers are a little low compared to the inspiration dress, I think it's fine, but if/when i make it again I will raise them.

I used the twin needle to finish the arm holes, the neckline and the hem and i used white thread to make it a little more interesting.

The dress is really comfy and I've worn it loads already.

Bye for now,


PS. I found a photo of the original dress on my colleagues blog Bland annat:

I know there's a big ruffle at the bottom of the dress and I had one on my dress too, but it looked like crap so I took it off.


  1. That dress looks so comfortable and the colour looks really good on you. I must ask, since I'm a fabric illiterate, what is sweatshirt fabric?

    1. Thanks!
      Sweatshirt fabric is what sweatshirts are made of. If you look at the inside it is either peached (like really soft, it looks like polar fleece) or it looks a little bit like terrycloth. The last one is what I used and prefer, the first kind is mostly very thick.