July 06, 2013

New machine?

Now that I've been sewing a lot for a while, I've been thinking about things I miss in my sewing machine, functions I would like to have. I really like my sewing machine, a Husqvarna Viking Emerald 116, it's a fantastic machine in every way, but it is a basic machine. I bought it second hand for 1000 SEK which was a bargain since the price for new one is about 3000 SEK.

Current sewing machine

I'm really happy with my Husqvarna machine so I've been looking at some other Husqvarna machines. I found one on Blocket.se (which is like Craig's list) which is also second hand but from a sewing machine store. It's called Husqvarna Viking Sapphire 830. I've been trying to read up on it and I've read about the model called 835, which seems sort of the same but newer.

Does anyone know anything about this machine?

Anyway, what I'd like in a new sewing machine is :

  • to sew faster than my current machine
  • several one step-buttonholes
  • to be able to position the needle (left-middle-right)
  • snap-on presser feet (like I have now)

I also wouldn't mind some of the other functions, like:
  • the STOP- and the FIX-function
  • that you can wind the bobbin from the needle
  • the "Sewing Advisor"

So, any thoughts on this, am I greedy to want a new machine when I have a working, good one? Am I looking too narrowly, should I give another brand a chance? ( I know Janome has a good reputation, but I have never used one. Bernina is also vey good, my mum says and she has tried them, but they seem awfully expensive.)

BTW, I have sewn lots even though I haven't posted. I'm waiting to take photos, but for that to happen several things have to happen: nice weather, I have to have make-up on my face (doesn't happen every day), I have to feel like it (like today, I'm not feeling on top of things because of a cold) and I have to ask my husband to take photos. I have put a camera tripod on my birthday wishlist, so I don't have to ask anyone to help me take photos in the future, I hope I get one! 

Anyway, posts and photos will come, eventually, sometime, soon...ish, I promise! :)

Bye for now,


PS. You can now reach my blog through my own domain: http://www.projectsbyme.se  :)

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