July 07, 2013

Vacation wardrobe (Simplicity 2363 revisited)

Three weeks ago I had the opportunity to come with my class on a trip to Mallorca. Well, they asked me if I wanted to come along already in January, so I had known long that I was going. That also meant that I had quite some time to prepare some kind of vacation wardrobe, you know, shorts and stuff.

Lately, I've really been into sewing trousers, for example skinny denim trousers in blue and pink, so why not shorts too?! I found a good pattern in Sömnadsmagasin.

I made two pairs, one in dark blue with white polka dots and the other one striped in white and dark blue/black. I used jersey fabric for the waistband and that makes them really comfy, but at the same time they don't look too casual either.

I changed the stripes on the pocket.

I just love this cover stitch on my sewing machine. I used it on the pockets and on the hems.

I aslo decided I needed a sleeveless dress and wanted to make Simplicity 2363 again. Since the first dress turned out so big I altered some of the pattern pieces to make it smaller from start and it turned out pretty well. I went from size US18/20 to US16.

I used green bias tape round the arm holes instead of lining the whole bodice, I didn't have enough fabric anyway, I even had to make the pockets from another dark blue fabric.

The fabric I used is from my mum's stash, given to me last year, and I've been waiting to find a good project for it, and this was really good! I'm quite happy with the result. :)

Erm, just so you know, the photos are not from Mallorca, but from my garden... :)

See you (real) soon,


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  1. Great vacation wear! I like the shorts and the dress looks good with the bias binding.