April 20, 2012

Clothes for tiny people

I really enjoy sewing for myself, but it's also fun to sew for the little people and I don't mean my kids but our fashion dolls ( I say "ours" because I enjoy them as much as my children do). We have six of them, three girls and three boys and also three children, but they are just too tiny to sew for.

First out, the very first dolls we got. Here's Steffi and her husband Kevin. Steffi is wearing a pink dress, which I designed myself. Kevin is wearing a jacket made of felt, jeans and a stiped t-shirt. I made the pattern for the jacket by tracing a vintage Ken jacket.

Secondly, there's Barbie and Ken. Ken is wearing a t-shirt, board shorts and a beanie. Barbie has a knitted dress and a scarf. I found the pattern for the dress this fantastic web page. It's a Swedish page, but the patterns (hundreds of them!) are available in many languages. The dolls are both thrifted on Tradera (sort of a Swedish E-bay).

And finally, we have Midge and Alan (I think his name's really Ken, but the kids get confused, so we call him Alan, since that's Midge's husband in Barbie world). Midge is wearing a strapless dress, actually made of the same fabric as my dress. And now for my masterpiece... Alan is wearing a black suit, which I'm so proud to have made. It doesn't look like much but the fit is great and he looks really handsome wearing it. Midge and Alan were found at one of my local thift stores.

I think it's more of a challenge to sew for male fashion dolls and also there aren't as many outfits to buy as there are for female fashion dolls. Except for the doll clothes I have made myself I think I have bought the rest second hand on Tradera. And SHOES!!! My daughter, especially, looooves to play with the little doll shoes. There's another challenge, to find shoes for male fashion dolls. Now, we have quite a few, "she says proudly" :). I'll take a pic and show you. (If you look closely, you'll see that there are different shoes in each picture!)

Now for the rest of the clothes I made for these tiny people ( I know! Maybe I shouldn't call them people, but I've watched too much Toy Story...).

Here's Barbie wearing a long-sleeved t-shirt and a skirt. Steffi has striped leggings, a jean skirt and a sweater made of a sock!

And to finish, we have Barbie in a halterneck top and black pants (same fabric as Alan's suit) and Midge is wearing a lycra dress and belt (made of old work out pants).

If you, like me, enjoy crafting for your dolls check out this page. This is also a great page to get inspiration for fashion doll clothes, it's in both English and French.

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