April 18, 2012

Me, starting a blog...? I guess so.

Ok, so here's the deal. I wasn't into blogs at all a while ago but then I googled for dress patterns and found this fabulous blog by Jessica. I wound up reading often. Also found this great sewing community (or whatever it's called), which is so inspirational and has led me to some other great sewing blogs.

My aim with this blog is to try and post about things I sew or craft, and maybe someone will find it useful or perhaps inspirational (I wish...). But since I don't have much time to sew, I hope that any readers won't be disappointed if I don't post that often.

So, hopefully I will be back tomorrow to do some posts on my latest, finished projects.

Bye for now,


P.S.  I LOVE dresses, and make them mostly for myself....

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