April 24, 2012

For another tiny little friend - dog coat

So my mom has a dog, Kalle. He's a pekinese and almost twelve years old. He has all these medical problems (poor dog), and among them there's eczema. So to be able to treat the eczema mom had to get the dog's coat trimmed.


A whole lot of hair!


Now he's just a skinny little thing and will probably freeze his little behind of and so my mom asked me if I could look for dog coats and what they cost up here. But I thought "How hard can it be...?". I browsed the web to get inspiration or find a free pattern. Found this one which looks great and seems quite easy. But later found this dog coat for sale, and was inspired!

I went to my local fabric shop and picked up 40 cm of apple green fleece fabric. I already had some turquoise cotton knit at home for lining.

I drew a pattern from the measurements of mom's dog.

Cut the fabric, sew it together, topstitched, found a solution for the "arm holes" and sew on the velcro. TA DA!

I even found a willing model to try it on...

I will take pics of the recipient with coat on this weekend since we're going to visit my mom (240km away).

Bye for now,


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