April 19, 2012

Simplicity 2147 - also known as the potato sack...

I was reading one of the blogs I follow when I stumbled over this post about Simplicity 2147. It looked so comfy and the right type of dress for me. I later read some other posts about this pattern, and more than one called the dress "a shapeless potato sack". I both agree and disagree with that, let me show you...


The first dress is made of some heavy polyester/cotton blend. The second one is made of cotton and somewhat stiffer. I also think that it has more shape due to the blue part at the bottom of the dress. If I make this again (which I already have, but I'll save that for later...) I think I will put som kind of lining or interfacing at the bottom to get some shape.

Please, have a look at the seams I made with the twin needle. I'm SO proud, it looks really professional, doesn't it?! Top-stitching also makes such a difference, I think.

It was really easy to make, and wise from my mistake with the potato sack above (which is size EU44/Am20) I adjusted the size to EU40/Am18 which turned out really well. I also changed the width of the dress by adding 5 cm/2 inches on each side of the front and back pieces. The original length of the dress is of course too short for me, so I added about 10 cm/4 inches (actually, the blue bit at the bottom equals the length addition).

OK, now to one of the great things about this dress, the fabric only cost me about SEK40 (about £4)!!! The fabric I used is the cheapest that you can get from IKEA (SEK19/metre). I originally planned to make a green dress, but got some blue fabric as well just because it was cheap. When I got home from IKEA I saw that the colours were really good together. So I decided to make the dress blue and green, and I'm happy I did!

Well, that'll be it for now.




  1. Lovely to see the difference it makes using heavier fabric with this pattern. I am enjoying reading your blog, I think your English is better than mine.

    1. Hi Katy!
      Thanks for thinking my English is good, though I feel my vocabulary isn't that big when it comes to the topic of sewing. But the advantage of reading sewing blogs in English is that you pick up on new words and phrases about that.

      By the way, I totally got the idea to get fabric at IKEA from you. Thanks! It's so funny that we seem to have exactly the same taste in patterns...