August 02, 2012

Colette sew-along 2.0 - Macaron

Earlier this summer I decided to participate in the Colette sew-along 2.0. I also knew I would only make the ones I wanted to, not all of the patterns. The Macaron dress was voted to be the project for August and that's one of the patterns I want to make.

But.... I totally forgot about it, until I read about the sew-along on rhinestones and telephones. S**t! I hadn't even bought the pattern yet! So I quickly went to to order it and hopefully I will have it tomorrow. Which will do me no good, since I'm going away for the weekend... I'll have to work on the muslin next week instead.

Well, after reading about a great Macaron dress in knit fabric, I think that's what I'll do. Feels good to have a plan, even though all my plans don't survive... I feel excited about this and hope that it will bring some energy into the project.

See you,


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