August 30, 2012

Crafts magazine inspiration and Macaron update

It's no secret that I like crafts magazine like Burda and the Swedish one, Sömnadsmagasin, but it can be difficult to find reviews of the patterns from those magazines. Well, while browsing the internet I found a fantastic site called Burda addicts, a sewing community. much like we sew retro, but formed round the Burda magazine patterns. It's in French though, but even if you don't know French you can always look at the photos!

BTW, I have made (almost finished) a second version of the Macaron dress, in knit fabric... I'm still contemplating my satisfaction with it, since it didn't turn out like the first version (Duh... Two very different types of fabric... Sometimes I'm not very smart... :)). Well, I will finish it, just some hemming left, and then I will post about it and you can make your own opinion about it...

Bye for now,


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