August 09, 2012

Workin' on my Macaron...

Today I finally had some time (and energy) to trace the Macaron pattern and to start cutting out the pattern pieces for the muslin. I cut  a US size 14/16 (16 at the waist/bottom part), I hope it will be enough.

The fabric I'm using for the muslin is the blue IKEA-fabric I used for my green/blue colourblock dress. For the yoke I'm thinking white or something patterned, I'll check my stash tomorrow, can't do it right now because it's right outside where the kids sleep.

I'm hoping it will be a wearable muslin, but for the "real thing", I'm thinking about using knit fabric, I was inspired by what Sarah said in Rhinestones and telephones said about her last version of the Macaron, that it was so comfortable. If there's something I want my clothes to be, it's comfortable!

Well, we'll see how that goes, I have to get through the muslin first.

Bye for now,


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