August 14, 2012

Colette sew-along 2.0: Macaron muslin finished!

Yep, I finished the Macaron muslin today and I'm quite happy with it. There were some issues and I will write about them later on. But first some pics:

It's always interesting (terrifying?) to see yourself from the back. I see now that the back is a little loose. Well, I'll leave it like that, I don't like to tight clothes anyway.

Ok, as I said there were some issues with this dress for me...

1. It's a little on the short side.  I had to serge the bottom hem and fold it 1cm/3/8inch and then sew. And it's still a little shorter than I would have liked.

2. The sleeves are super cute, but I do have a big problem with sleeves of this type (fitted?). I do NOT like when I can't lift my arms without the whole dress lifting too. If/when I make the Macaron dress again, I think I will make some sort of kimono sleeve instead. (Kimono sleeves rock!)

3. As mentioned in my last post, I thought it was difficult to know which way to turn the midriff pieces. The front midriff piece still doesn't look right, it has like a different sheen to it... strange...

Some other things to note...

4. I didn't have an invisible zipper at hand, but found an ordinary one, long enough and blue(!) in my stash. I was not perfect, but close enough for a muslin.

5. I am so lazy... I used turquoise (teal) thread all over, even on the white fabric... I couldn't be bothered to change it... :-P

6. I used my serger to finish seams on the inside! Very practical! And fast.

To sum up: the Macaron dress is uncomplicated to put together with a great fit (for me) that makes you look good. I recommend this pattern a lot.

Bye for now,



  1. Really lovely !
    But I also find it a little to loose... especially the back
    This is anyway a good job ! I love the colors

  2. Your Macaron muslin is lovely, as is the polka dot dress! I've still not tried any Colette patterns except the Sorbetto - the Macaron looks like it'd be really difficult so it's nice to hear that it isn't!

    1. Oh, do try the Colette patterns! They are great. So far I've made the Ginger, the Macaron and the Meringue (I just love the names too) and none of those have been too difficult and I would consider myself an average sewer, not advanced, but been sewing in periods since I was ten...