February 10, 2013

A little something to say sorry...

... for being so cranky yesterday. I feel somewhat better about things today and thought I would apologise for my crankiness by letting you know there is a board on my Pinterest page with free sewing patterns. In a situation like this (sick kids, not feeling well yourself and being dead-tired) there's not much to do but to try and absorb the inspiration and energy of others so I have surfed the sewing web a lot. Here's where you can go to see if there's anything free to tempt you: free-sewing-patterns.

I have only pinned what I liked, but if you go on to Burdastyle, there are way more free patterns. And also more if you go to Grosgrainfabulous. You'll see what I mean if you go to the board.

To cheer myself up I downloaded the Kirsten Kimono Tee from MariaDenmark (also FREE!) and I thought I would re-make a knit tunic I made a while ago. I've figured out  I never wear it anyway, so I'll try out the new pattern and maybe get some use out of the fabric. Talking about this tunic:

It's also a kimono-version but bigger... I never liked the neckline which is too tight sort of.

Anyways, hope I haven't scared anyone off from reading my blog. :)

I'll also leave you with another treat, more photos from my sister's house.

Bye for now,


My beloved sister, well, one of them. :)

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