February 18, 2013

(Mostly) Burdastyle slim stretch trousers (plus size)

I am finally feeling a lot better, after having the flu for over a week. Today three quarters of our family were back in business as usual, work, school, daycare, but Mr Red (my husband) still isn't felling well... :(

Everything went smoothly this morning even though I had to drop off both kids, the only mishap was that I totally forgot to put on make-up. Good thing I refreshed my permanent make-up (eyebrow and upper eyeliner) a few weeks ago, so I don't look like a ghost without make-up. :)

Don't my eyebrows look good?! I'm not wearing any make-up in this photo.

I just have to say, if someone with Alopecia reads this, that permanent make-up is DA SHIT! It is so relieving to know that your eyebrows won't go away if you scratch your face. And the eyeliner is always in place. It isn't really permanent, it depends on what skin type you have, but it can last up to five years. My skin is kind of oily and my eyebrows lasted from Nov 2011 until about now, Jan 2013, so just over a year. When I had them refreshed now, we used a darker colour, so hopefully they will last longer this time. It's quite expensive, but totally worth it for the security they give. This is where I go: Make me up. Maria who does the permanent make-up is very good and so nice.

Ok, enough with the make-up.... Let's have a look at the trousers I made a few weeks ago. I have mentioned them several times and here they are...

They are high-waisted, just the way I like them, and have slim legs. I used a stretchy fabric, I think it's polyester, but it's quite comfortable.


I see now, in the photos, that there wrinkles on the back of the thighs, which there shouldn't be it you have a good fit. But I don't know, it doesn't bother me that much, at least they fit well over my behind! Or what do you think, any opinions?

This is something I wonder about, what does this mean? Are the trousers too big in the front, should I lower the waistline, do something about the crotch (eek!) fit? Or do they look ok if you look at the other photos?

Here's the zipper, of the invisible kind, and also my label :).

I really like these trousers because  1) they are high-waisted (SO comfy), 2) they have slim legs (stylish) and 3) they're stretchy. I really recommend the pattern Stretch trousers (plus size) from Burdastyle.

 I made EUsize 46 which is the size I normally wear in trousers and maybe they're a tad big, but they're very comfortable. Since the pattern is made for women of 168 cm I lengthened it by 7 cm (I'm 175 cm) which was perfect. The waistband is a bit on the narrow side and I'm thinking of changing that for my next pair. Yep! Already have another pair in mind. I will use denim fabric and take inspiration from my favourite pair of jeans. Maybe a pair in black too.... Already have some great fabric.

Anyway, what do you think of the fit, any thoughts?

Bye for now,



  1. Glad to see that you are feeling better!! That flu has gotten everyone this year!
    It is so hard to say about the fit on the pants...I am just getting interested in sewing pants myself..I have a pair in the works from Lisette patterns and have yet to finish them.
    I see that they do fit nice on your backside, I have no clue though why they are wrinkled on your thigh..you know I think Colette Patterns had a tutorial for pants fitting..Otherwise from the photos they look pretty good.
    The perm. makeup looks good by the way!!!

  2. You have my sympathy over the flu, its horrible, my husband had it and was up and running after 3 days but i got it for 2 weeks...the worst was i didn't have the energy to sew

    hope you are feeling a lot better now


  3. I like the look of the pants, but I'm not good at fitting pants so I have no tips for you there. Your makeup looks good too:)

    I'm waiting to get my sewing mojo back, the kiddo brought home the flu last week, gave it to my husband who gave it to me and today the kiddo got it back. Let's hope it settles for one lap around the family.